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A month after the release of the single “Strawberry”, Grammy award winning R&B group 112 returns with the follow up single “Dangerous Games.” The track serves as the first single from the group’s highly anticipated forthcoming album “Q, Mike, Slim, Daron”, due out on Entertainment One this fall. On “Dangerous Games”, the group returns to the soulful balladry that made them one of the most successful acts of the 1990s. The track finds the fellas scouring the highs and lows of love with allusions of games of chance.  Playing with fire is a dangerous game, but don’t tell that to the members of 112, as they have a sure fire hit on their hands with this number. 112 is known for the hits “Cupid”, “Only You”, “Come See Me”. “Love Me” featuring Mase, “Anywhere”, “It’s Over Now”, “Peaches & Cream” “Hot & Wet” and “U Already Know.” 112 is currently preparing for a world tour, which is slated to begin in the U.K. in September before coming back to the U.S. in October. Fans should watch for an announcement regarding tour dates. Envogue  continues to deliver exciting performances after 30 years in the music industry. During last week’s episode of “Boy Band”, Envogue, Cindy Herron, Terry Ellis and Rhona Bennett, took the stage to perform their hit “Free Your Mind.” The R&B veterans gave an energetic performance and showed the boy band hopefuls how to embody chemistry on stage.

Hip Hop Spotlight: India Pt. 2-Lil Durk

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Durk Banks, known professionally as Lil Durk, is an American rapper/singer/songwriter from Chicago, IL. He released the singles “I’ma Hitta” and “Sneak Dissin” in 2011. Both received generally positive feedback. Durk has released five mixtapes. He has also released the  full length albums “Remember My Name” (2015), “Lil Durk 2X” (2016) and “Signed To The Streets 3” (2018).


R&B Spotlight: Days Go By-Rico Love

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Richard Preston Butler Jr., known professionally as Rico Love, is an American rapper/singer/songwriter/producer from New Orleans, LA. He began his career by contributing to the soundtrack of the film “In The Mix” at the request of singer Usher. Butler recorded a solo album in 2007 titled “The 5th Element”, but ultimately decided to focus on songwriting instead of recording. Butler has written songs for Usher and Keri Hilson among others. He has released the albums “The 5th Element” (2007), “Turn The Lights On” (2015) and “Even Kings Die” (2018).

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R&B singer Rico Love celebrates his 36th birthday with the release of his sophomore effort, “Even Kings Die”, the follow up to 2015’s “Turn The Lights On.” Featuring the production work of Bryan Michael Cox, Teedra Moses and Ball Greezy, the project spotlights the phenomenal talent of the Grammy-Award winning singer/songwriter/producer. Comprised of 13 tracks, the album signifies his partnership with Sony Music’s The Orchard and will be accompanied by thought-provoking visual content in 2019. Newcomer Dani Darling released her debut single “2:22” earlier this month. Now, she’s unveiled the accompanying music video. Directed by KaiCy, the video was recently selected for screening at the forthcoming A2 Tech Film Showcase on January 18, 2019 at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Dani Darling stated via email that the song and video is about a lonely girl searching for meaning. “2:22” will appear on Dani’s forthcoming debut EP “Nocturne.” Los Angles based R&B band Blesd uplifts spirits and heals hearts with their new single “Healing.” Our nation has been faced with mass shootings, natural disasters and political strife, and “Healing” pulls at the heartstrings as it unites us with care and forgiveness. A year after the song was initially written, “Healing” is more relevant and far reaching than even the band members may imagine. Blesd will release their debut EP in 2019. Rapper 21 Savage recently unveiled the title and cover art for his forthcoming album “I Am >I Was.” Outside of the a few hints here and there, the project’s release date hasn’t been confirmed. The cover features a black-and-white photo of the artist with his body and eyes blurred out. After a quiet 2018, he returned to the mainstream with several features on producer Metro Boomin’s album “Not All Heros Wear Capes.” Until “I Am >I Was” sees the light of day, fans can enjoy his special guest appearance on Gucci Mane’s latest album “Evil Genius.” Gerald Walker has released his highly anticipated effort “People Tell Themselves Anything To Justify Everything.” The 4 song EP marks the sixteenth project of his career. In addition to music, the MC has also launched new merchandise at his online shop, where fans have an opportunity to purchase the physical version of the concise project.

Throwback Thursday Hip Hop: The Show-Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew

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Douglas Davis, known professionally as Doug E. Fresh, is a Barbadian-American rapper/record producer/beat boxer. Although Davis began his career as a solo artist and was the last artist signed to Enjoy Records and the first signed to Vintertainment Records; it was when he and a group of DJs known as the Get Fresh Crew, along with a newcomer billed as MC Ricky D, signed with Danya/Reality Records the following year and recorded the track “The Show”, which sampled the melody of the Inspector Gadget theme. The single’s B side, “La Di Da Di”,  featured MC Ricky D backed by Doug E’s beat boxing the entire duration of the song. Both songs were released as singles and broke Davis and MC Ricky D to stardom. Both songs are considered early hip hop classics and they are the first and only hip hop singles to have hit songs on the same record. He has released the albums “Oh My God! (Doug E. Fresh Album)” (1986), “The World’s Greatest Entertainer” (1988), “Doin What I Gotta Do” (1992) and “Play” (1995).

Throwback Thursday R&B: Sun Is Here-Sun

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Sun is an American R&B band that rose to prominence during the 1970s. The group was formed in Dayton, OH by Byron Byrd. The band recorded for Capitol Records from 1976-1984. Other members included Kym Yancy, Chris Jones, Gary King, John Wagner, Hollis Melson and Shawn Sandridge. They released the albums “Wanna Make Love” (1976), “Sun Power” (1977), “Sunburn” (1978), “Destination Sun” (1979), “Sun Over The Universe” (1980), “Force Of Nature” (1981), “Let There Be Sun” (1982) and “Eclipse” (1984).

Hip Hop Spotlight: Cold Blooded-Swizz Beatz Ft. Pusha T

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Kasseem Dean, known professionally as Swizz Beatz, is an American rapper/DJ/producer from New York City. Dean began his career by working with uncles Joaquin and Darrin, who were co-CEOs of Ruff Ryders Entertainment. Dean began producing beats at age 16. One year later he his sold his first beat to Ruff Ryders artist DMX, which became his single “Ruff Ryders Anthem.” Dean went on to produce tracks for Noreaga, Jay Z, Cassidy and more.  He has released the albums “One Man Band” (2007) and “Poison” (2018). In addition to music, Dean is also a fashion designer.