Singer Beyoncé has faced  a great deal of criticism  from conservatives over her hit single and video “Formation”, which proves her point that “you know you that b***h when you cause all this conversation.” The mainstream media has worked tirelessly to decode the messages behind the pro-Black song and visual and the feathers it’s ruffled among the white establishment. Singer and former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland isn’t interested in that. Instead, she has a message for all the critics, in particular former New York City Mayor Rudolph Guiliani, who stated that Beyoncé’s Super Bowl 5o performance gave people a platform to attack police officers. Rowland stated while attending pre-Grammy party on Friday: “I think that we live in  a country where you have the freedom to say how you think and talk. It’s really from a  peaceful place. I think they’re blowing it out of proportion”.  She added: “Guiliani should just shut up.” Way to go Kelly! Beyoncé hasn’t responded to the criticism thus far, allowing her art to speak for her, but it’s great to see some supporting her message. In the days leading up to the airing of the 58th annual Grammy Awards, race has been the center of the conversation regarding the ceremony. Rapper and host LL Cool J stated that rapper Kendrick Lamar’s performance will be controversial, while the New York post reported that the show has been under a great deal of pressure to diversify its all white tribute line up and honor the late Maurice White, founder of the legendary R&B group Earth, Wind & Fire, who died on Feb. 4 at 74. Without question, Lamar, who has been nominated for 11 Grammy awards and whose songs have been embraced by the Black Lives Matter movement will address racism during his set. Just how comfortable the Grammys and the network airing the show CBS will be with the  performance remains to be seen. While a Drake and Shaquille O’Neal collaboration doesn’t seem likely, the two did join forces to perform a version of Drake’s Meek Mill diss track “Back To Back” on “Inside The NBA” yesterday. Drake was in his hometown Toronto for the NBA All Star Game and appeared on the sports programs panel along with O’Neal, Reggie Miller, Kenny Anderson, Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson. After Drake shared a few proud words about Toronto, O’Neal, who also raps, then started beatboxing the intro to “Back To Back”, urging Drake to jump in. When Drake began to freestyle over the beat, O’Neal interrupted with a request of the original Grammy nominated song. Rapper Kanye West’s Twitter fingers and antics have ruffled quite a few feathers lately, but now it appears that even his closest friends have all but washed their hands of raps most notorious figure. Rhymefest took to Twitter to share his opinion of West’s new album “The Life Of Pablo” and was bombarded with questions regarding why he isn’t on it. He then revealed that as of last month, the once frequent collaborators are no longer working together. Further evidence that West may have gone too far appeared when an extra from West’s fashion show anonymously shared with Jezebel what it was like to be an extra on the Yeezy Season 3 Show. She described it as “heading to a concentration camp”, which oddly enough, was kind of what Ye was going for.” The extra added that she was told to act as though she was channeling a Rwandan refugee camp while standing motionless and lifeless in the background. Among the other odd performance rules, do not act cool or alternate between attention and ease. The extra concluded, like many, that West actually is crazy. Wonder if it’s time for a Kanye intervention?