The 58th Annual Grammy Awards was telecasted last night and it was an evening filled with many high as well as low lights. Without question, many viewers will remember some moments more than others. It’s safe to say that some reconsideration as to the performers chosen should be given. Whether that ever happens or not remains to be seen. Now to the highlights. Rapper Kendrick Lamar gave a powerful performance, which went from a jailhouse set intended to make a statement regarding the incarceration rate of African Americans, to a production number that few would argue is Broadway bound. A plus was the fact that Lamar added so much sax that it felt like he was sneaking jazz back on to the Grammys. Lamar received a well deserved standing ovation after his performance. The cast of the Broadway show “Hamilton”, which is a musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton, took the stage before Kendrick Lamar and treated the crowed to a rousing number, which incorporated hip hop. The show is currently open in New York City and the cast’s performance was well received by the all in attendance. New country sensation Chris Stapleton proved to be just as gritty as partners Bonnie Raitt and Gary Clark Jr. during a tribute to blues legend B.B. King. The three performed “The Thrill Is Gone”, it’s just a shame the moment didn’t last longer. Gwen Stefani stole the show during a live Target ad which had the singer collide with some fellow roller skaters on a garage ramp. The stunt had to win curiosity if not hearts. Stevie Wonder joined newcomers Pentatonix for a tribute to the late Maurice White which gave one the impression that voices were in session. Little Big Town performed a version of their single “Girl Crush” that left the crowd mesmerized. It also brought up the possibility of a new Grammy category: Best Country/Classical/Gospel Performance. Newcomer Andra Day performed a rendition of her hit single “Rise Up”, but left one feeling that she set a standard her duet partner Ellie Goulding couldn’t possibly meet. Country stars Carrie Underwood and Sam Hunt dueted,, which has to be a first. Hunt matched Underwood note for note, even looking into her eyes at one point as if to say “you will have on screen sex with me in front of millions of people.” To the lowlights. During what many most likely assumed would be the most vocally unassailable moment of the night, something went horribly wrong as  Adele performed. Rumor had it that a piano microphone  had fallen into the instrument, causing the clanging at the beginning of the song. Whatever the case, Adele was, in a word, pitchy at best. She later tweeted that “the piano mics fell onto the strings, that’s what the guitar sound was. It made it sound out of tune. S*** happens. Because of it though, I’m treating myself to an in n out. Maybe it was worth it.” Although it’s unclear whether it was the Weeknd’s decision or Grammy producers, he performed a  snippet of “Can’t Feel My Face” before launching into a slowed-down, cello driven version of “In The Night”. That set characterized much of the show’s underwhelming first hour. Demi Lavoto’s verse of “Hello” during an all star tribute to Lionel Richie should have been it’s climax, but it was sandwiched between snoozier performances by the likes of John Legend. Justin Bieber opened his set by accompanying himself on acoustic guitar on “Love Yourself”, which he smashed on stage. He then joined rock group Diplo and Skrillex. While it wasn’t unlike the rockers Madonna and Taylor Swift have had on their tours, Bieber just looked out of place slumming as an indie rocker. It’s unclear why host LL Cool J showed clips of past shows at the beginning of the  broadcast. As much as many love LL Cool J, it’s also unclear why the Grammys won’t hire anther comedian to host the show. Rapper Pitbull closed the show with a set that is as familiar as any late night newscaster in your local market. There’s always room for improvement, so let’s hope the Grammy producers take heed.