It was initially reported that bronchitis and concern for her vocal chords kept Rhianna from performing at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards on Monday night, but that may not be the whole story. TMZ is now reporting that anxiety caused the singer to cancel her set as multiple sources told the website that she was “screaming and hysterical” before she was scheduled to take the stage. It’s uncertain what triggered the outburst. A few individuals, both connected to Rhianna and working on the show, stated that she wasn’t happy with her rehearsal. Meanwhile, others are sticking with the bronchitis story, but add that she was so upset by the fact that she wasn’t able to perform that she had to leave. At any rate, if it is bronchitis, here’s  hoping she gets well soon. Her “Anti” tour begins next week. In response to singer Beyoncé’s Super Bowl 50 halftime performance where she and her squad of black women were dressed in black outfits proudly paying homage to the Black Panther Party, an appalled group quickly appeared online and expressed their outrage, saying the performance was a “race baiting stunt” that was offensive and anti police. The comments grew to a group called Proud of the Blues, appearing out of nowhere to start planning an anti-Beyoncé protest. Although it was scheduled to take place yesterday, it seems more people hid behind their keyboards than there were those enthusiastic enough to leave their homes to get into a #Formation of their own. Only a few came to protest against Beyoncé and her Super Bowl performance, with those who organized the rally nowhere to be found. Beyonce supporters were present as well, and quickly realized that the scenario was an automatic win and a waste of a Tuesday morning. The Eventbrite description stated that the event would take place from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST outside of the NFL headquarters building and called for all attendants to wear as much blue as possible in support of the police, as well as be peaceful and non-aggressive. As it turns out, there were more police on the scene than protestors during the heavily hyped event. It’s safe to say that the only place Beyonce fans will see those “outraged” by the star is on Twitter. Shortly after landing a deal with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music, rapper Desiigner received another seal of approval from Lil Kim and Maino, who also remixed his hit single “Panda”. The Queen Bee can be heard shouting out the rapper on the Soundcloud offering. After Ice Cube presented the Grammy for Best Rap Album to Kendrick Lamar along with his son O’Shea Jackson Jr. during the Grammy Awards, he quickly headed  home. He even posted a hilarious video on Instagram saying “If any of ya’ll thought I was gonna stay through that whole three hour bull s***t, you  out your batt-a** mind.” I’m back in the car b****.” While he may have missed the epic performance from K Dot, Snoop Dogg caught it from the comfort of his own home. He shared on his Instagram “I got seats to the Grammys, but f*** that”, with a mouthful of snacks and putting both his dog and Adele’s performance equally in the frame. You have to admit both are definitely boss moves.