After they were rumored to perform at the 2016 Grammy Awards, The Weekend and Lauryn Hill made that a reality when they took the stage to perform his latest single “In The Night” on “The Late Show With Jimmy Fallon”. The Weeknd was the musical guest, while Hill was his surprise guest. While many were disappointed that Hill didn’t perform during The Weeknd’s Grammy set, Hill’s camp stated that her appearance was never confirmed and  that she was, in fact, bothered by the fact that her appearance was hyped as certain. At any rate, the two entertained the crowd quite well, to say the least. With a career spanning six decades, legendary soul and gospel singer Mavis Staples has witnessed first hand what our country has gone through, as both an artist and civil rights activist. The singer recently released her 14th studio album, “Livin On A High Note”, and at the age of 76 is using her amazing voice to brighten a dark world that is reminding her of the 1960s more these days. She told Billboard magazine, “We’ve been living in some pretty dark places lately. I’ve seen a lot of riots. Makes you think you’re still living in the 60s sometimes.” She added that Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. would be disappointed if he were alive today. “Everything he died for hasn’t been carried through”, she said. She also pondered whether today’s youth will sing songs that make the world better, adding that their minds aren’t on what she grew up singing about and that the world isn’t tuned in and ready. In the meantime, Staples is working on a documentary, titled “Mavis!”, which will air on Feb. 29 on HBO. It will detail her family’s history and her career accomplishments, which include performing at civil rights rallies along with her family the Staples Singers. She went on to say that she’s proud of the documentary. It’s been a long time coming for sure. Atlanta rapper Trinidad James’s “All Gold Is Everything” is incorporated into Bruno Mar’s chorus on Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk”. The dance track won Record of the Year and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance Grammys  for Mars, Ronson and the rest of the production team behind the smash hit. All except for James. “Songwriters do not share in the nomination for a Grammy award for Record of the Year”, a Grammy representative told Complex magazine. A song of the year win would have apparently given James the honor as a songwriter. Not to worry. James will receive an 8 percent financial cut of the song. That means 150K out of $2 million.