Singer/rapper Giovanni James digs deep in the moving visual for his new single “Sheri”, which premieres on Billboard. The New York born and bred multi-talent, who sings, raps, produces and plays guitar and keyboards, opens up about his mother being a sex worker and experiencing schizophrenia when he was 13 years old. James told Billboard, “Sheri is the savior for suppressed emotions and pain. We all wear a social mask for the sake of getting along, but deep down for a lot of us there is damage. In the song, alcohol is the truth serum and Sheri could be that friend, significant other or booty call etc. that will always take you in. Sheri doesn’t judge you for whatever got you into the latest stupor.” The hip hop rocker recently released his “Shame On You” video and his upcoming EP’s title track “Whutcha Want”, which landed in the Top 10 list of Spotify’s global viral 50. Producer Swizz Beatz’s 5-year-old son Egypt Dean landed placement on rapper Kendrick Lamar’s forthcoming album “Untitled Unmastered”. “This is the best dad moment everrrrr!!!, the producer wrote on his Instagram. “Congrats to my son Egypt for producing his 1st track on this amazing Kendrick album. He’s only 5 years old. #blessingsonblessngs thnx#Kendrick for investing in the future track 7.” Egypt’s mom, singer Alicia Keys also gushed about her son’s accomplishment on her Instagram. “He got up that morning humming a melody. We went to the piano to find it, he picked it out by ear, he loves to play, I know that feeling. Congratulations Egypt for practicing and learning and listening to the music in your heart! #KendrickLamar #Egypt Dean”, she wrote. Kendrick Lamar released his surprise eight track EP at midnight. Swizz Beatz could not be reached for comment. While it may be par for the course to think of LL Cool J as an actor or an event/television host, he doesn’t have time for those who forgot why he’s famous in the first place. The 48-year-old MC from Queens NY had some fun on Twitter in a long, hip hop fueled rant after a blogger posted an article about his music using the hashtag #TBT. The throw back branding may be what caught LL’s eye, but he wasn’t there for it. The first tweet in a series read, “According to @HazzieThougthts I was a pretty good rapper.” From there, he dropped several more gems including, “Please stop pretending like we all don’t know I’m one of the best to ever touch that mic.” He added, “I can cut off your air supply with one single.” Fellow rapper Chuck D came forward to support the rapper saying, “Legend or not LL performs 32 years of hard to do songs when you fav rapper gets tired in 45 min and may run out of songs.” While it’s certainly true that LL has bars for days, the rapper’s tweet saying, “I’m just messing with ya’ll hahahahahahahaha” must have had the blogger he called out relieved to know that there were no hard feelings intended with his initial post.