Wasting little time since breaking the record for the shortest retirement in  history, LL Cool J is back in full swing, discussing his new album, his collaboration with Eminem and why he doesn’t find it necessary to use the word comeback when discussing his rap career. LL told Billboard magazine that Eminem has recorded vocals for a track and he wants it to be good. LL and Eminem go way back and both have impressive careers in music so the two teaming up guarantees some incredible music will result. No word on when the track the duo recorded will see the light of day.  This past January, rapper Wale became the first hip hop artist to open a president’s State of the Union Address. President Barak Obama took the podium after the Washington DC native performed his hits “Chillin”, “Love Hate Thing” and “White Shoes” at the White House viewing party. At the conclusion of his set, Wale announced his fifth album “Shine”. Two months later, Wale represented his home town again when he headlined the Events DC Presents Music Showcase. He also debuted a new track titled “Pretty Young Thing”. He revealed that he’s been working with Nez and Rio, Diplo, Beat Billionaire and Metro Boomin. While no release date has been confirmed, Wale stated that his next album will be available in a few months. There have been no shortage of primarily false rumors regarding rapper Drake’s upcoming album “Views From The 6”. Most of the hints about the project have come from either Drake or his producer Noah “40” Shebib. Now, there may be something more concrete. The Toronto MC took to Instagram to suggest that “Views” may be released next month. Drake posted a picture of a billboard that read “Views” with a caption “APRIL”, suggesting that his next effort is coming soon. While others have also indicated that April will be the month the album is released, it wasn’t in any official capacity. No word on a official release date. We’ll have to wait for that. A DJ in Westfield Massachusetts has been charged with disorderly conduct for playing N.W.A’s classic “F**k Tha Police” at a bar last year while law enforcement worked to clear the venue. He was later found responsible and ordered to pay a $50 fine.  Massive reports that the incident occurred last October while police worked to shut down a party with over 350 people in a 160-person capacity Shenanigans Pub. Kashawn Harris, 25, professionally known as DJ Boogy, is an alumnus of Westfield State University and had been invited to DJ the homecoming weekend party. He typically performs at weddings, college events and clubs parties and denies the allegations against him. According to the police report, officers found it difficult to clear the bar at first due to the loud music and when they asked Harris to turn it off that’s when a portion of “F**k Tha Police” was played before shutting things down.