It looks like former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland isn’t the only one heralding a female group. Her former manager Matthew Knowles is heralding one as well, and he has competition on his mind. During a recent interview on “The Tom Joyner Morning Show”, Knowles challenged Rowland to an on air “group off” between his new group Blushhh Music and Rowland’s group, which can be seen weekly on the BET reality series “Chasing Destiny”. As if that isn’t enough, Knowles added, “Just remember, I’m the teacher, you’re the student.” Looks like another reality show idea if Rowland accepts Knowles’ challenge. Stay tuned. Actress, singer, entrepreneur and reality television star Christina Milan has certainly been busy lately. Along with roles on Fox’s “Grandfathered”, and the upcoming remake of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, she also stars in the reality series “Christina Milan Turned Up”. In addition, she’s promoting her latest EP “4U”, designs a children and women’s clothing line called We Are  Pop Culture along with owning a wine called Viva Diva Wines. During a recent interview with Georgie magazine Milan stated that it’s about creativity. Milan added that with all she has going on the only thing she stresses about is finding time to be a mother to six-year-old daughter Violet. She says she’s aware that tomorrow isn’t promised. True indeed. A Waffle House in South Carolina was the scene of a brawl involving rapper Juvenile over the weekend. The rapper was in town for a  stop on the Legends Of Southern Hip Hop Tour and decided to stop by a Waffle House later that evening. According to TMZ, after Juvenile walked into the restaurant, a customer stated, “Juvenile, here, here come all the h*** now” Juvenile apparently assumed that his wife, who was by his side at the  time, was being insulted. As captured on store security cameras, Juvenile and members of his entourage began beating the man. After making a point, Juvenile, his wife and entourage left the premises. The customer who made the remark also left and no police report was filed. As reported, when police arrived on the scene an hour later, there was no one around to complain or provide an account of the incident.