Singer Mariah Carey continues to expand her brand. Her 2015 holiday film “A Christmas Melody” was quite successful, bringing in 3.9 million viewers. So much so, that the Hallmark Channel is interesting in working with the songstress on more projects. According to, the cable network has signed the songstress to a two-year, three picture deal, allowing Carey the creative freedom to develop, executive produce, direct and co-star in a trio of movies, creating an original song for each. One of the films will be a Valentine’s Day movie as part of the channel’s “2017 Countdown to Valentine’s Day” programming event. Along with those projects, Carey will also be planning a wedding to fiancé billionaire James Packer, which will be documented on the E! documentary “Mariah’s World” and will reportedly air this fall. For over a  month, the question has loomed regarding what would happen to the vault of Prince’s unreleased music, which includes over 50 never released music videos, songs, live jam session recordings and albums as well. The legal battle with his surviving relatives ensued over who’s the rightful heir to this treasure trove of property. Prince’s full sister, Tyka Nelson, is at the forefront of the fight. Now, according to TMZ, two new people may be legal heirs after it was revealed that Prince’s half brother, Duane Nelson Sr., had a daughter, Brianna, and granddaughter Victoria, who recently filed court documents claiming they are heirs to his fortune as well. Reportedly, both Brianna and Victoria have expressed the desire to turn Prince’s Paisley Park estate into a museum much like Elvis Pressley’s Graceland. They also want to release the contents from the vault and have the support of family members to do so. However, reports also say that Tyka isn’t on board with the idea; she’s Prince’s only full blood sibling and she’s been petitioning the court to give her a larger portion of control over his estate. Needless to say, this messy legal drama may prevent fans from hearing any new Prince music anytime soon. Rapper Kanye West is being sued by a Hungarian musician who claims West sampled  a song he wrote without permission. Gabor Presser says West’s 2013 album “Yeezus” contains a song called “New Slaves” that samples a song Presser wrote in 1969. Presser’s lawsuit was filed in Manhattan federal court. It states that one-third of “New Slaves” features a song Presser wrote while with the band Omega. He’s seeking $2.5 million. Meanwhile, the lawsuit also states that West’s managers acknowledge the sampling happening when they sent Presser a $10,000 check for the work. Presser says he never cashed the check due to concerns regarding the agreement. The lawsuit adds that “Gyongyhaju Lany” is one of Hungary’s most beloved pop songs. Neither West nor any of his representatives have responded publicly to the matter. Fat Joe Remy Ma’s “All The Way Up” gets a plus one with fellow New Yorker Jay Z joining the two on the track. The remix debuted as a Tidal exclusive during a New York Yankees game last night. Fat Joe told Billboard magazine that he turned down a lot of big names who wanted to appear on the remix, but wanted to keep it New  York. He’s excited for the city. The track shows he still has it.