It’s something we all should have expected. It really comes as no surprise. Singer Beyoncé’s highly anticipated album “Lemonade”, which was released in April, was certified platinum by the RIAA. The organization made the announcement via Twitter today. This makes the singer’s sixth album to sell a million copies or more. In its first week, “Lemonade” sold  600.5k units,  according to Nielsen Music. 485,000 units were through album sales alone. The album has also reached number one on the Billboard Top 200 chart as well. That’s an incredible feat in today’s music industry landscape. Congratulations to Beyoncé. Singer Rhianna and her label, Rock Nation, have been hit with a lawsuit. According to TMZ, a Nigerian promoter named Chris Ubosi says he and his company, Megalectrics, paid two people who claimed they represented the singer, her label, Rock Nation and Jay Z, $425,000 for the singer to do a 60 minute concert back in 2013. Ubosi says they took his money, but Rhianna never showed up for the concert. Ubosi also says Rhianna’s people asked to postpone the show, which he did. He wanted Rhianna to post the rescheduled date on her social media, which never happened, according to the lawsuit. Ubosi says he cancelled the concert, but never got his money back. Insiders close to Rhianna told TMZ that the promoter was the victim of a scam and that neither Rhianna nor Roc Nation knew anything about the concert and they never took any money. Certainly does sound like a scam. Rapper Snoop Dogg threw out the first pitch at last night’s Braves-Padres game. Taking the mound at San Diego’s Petco Park Stadium, Snoop’s wind up looked great, but the pitch wound up going pretty wide right, hitting a photographer watching. The Doggfather was unfazed and laughed the whole thing off. On June 7, singer’s Bobby Brown’s interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts aired on “20/20”. He candidly discussed his career, from his beginnings as a member of New Edition, to his solo career, his marriage to singer Whitney Houston and his relationship with their daughter Bobbi Kristina. In the revealing sit down, Brown refutes the notion that he introduced Houston to drugs. Another bomb shell he dropped was regarding sexual encounters with Janet Jackson and Madonna. Brown broked down in tears while discussing the passing of daughter Bobbi Kristina; he thinks boyfriend Nick Gordon knows what happened after she was found face down in a bath tub on Jan. 31, 2015. He also revealed that he and ex-wife Whitney could have done a better job raising Bobbi Kristina. The interview was to promote Brown’s forthcoming memoir “Every Little Step”, due out on June 13.