Last week, it was announced that Da Brat and producer Jermaine Dupri would collaborate on a mixtape titled “Business As Usual”, to be released soon. The first single from the effort, “F U Pay Me”, features singer/songwriter/producer The Dream. Released by the Los Angeles Lakers last night, the song moves along as Dream offers soft hooks while Da Brat and Dupri trade verses. The song is repetitive and leaves much to be desired. Brandy’s legal drama continues. Some time ago, the singer filed a lawsuit against her record label, Chameleon Entertainment, claiming that they were purposely blocking her from releasing new music. According to reports, court documents quote the sentiments of the late Prince, saying that she’s being treated like a slave. A spokesperson for Chameleon Entertainment is now speaking out, saying Brandy is doing this for publicity. Brandy’s New York lawsuit is the second go round, and the label is firing back, with receipts this time. The spokesperson says Brandy’s most recent attempt to file a lawsuit was because the one filed in California was dismissed, proving the singer doesn’t have a case. We’ll have to wait and see where things go from here. Kelly Price faced harsh criticism after her performance at the Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration. She’s come under fire for performing her remake of the Shirley Murdock hit “As We Lay” during the Gospel portion of the show.. Of course, audience members were outraged that she would sing such a scandalous song during the Gospel portion of the event, but the incident was a misunderstanding. Kelly explained in a series of Facebook videos that she was told to sing her songs, not specifically her gospel songs at the Expo. She was originally scheduled to go on well before the Gospel portion, but her time was pushed back landing it right in the middle of the sanctified set. In her videos, Kelly expressed her anger over people who ridiculed her performing the song. She also expressed anger toward the church crowd, whom she said expressed hate toward her. The Indiana Black Expo has since issued a statement apologizing to Kelly for the misunderstanding. Producer Rico Love and Gospel artist Tasha Lockhart even came to Kelly’s defense. Rapper Kid Cudi is officially the newest cast member on the hit Fox television drama “Empire”. The rapper shared on Twitter today that he has finished wrapping his first episode of the show and will play the role of Gram during the show’s third season. According to Entertainment Weekly, Cudi will play an independent rapper who’s a rival to Hakeem on the Lyon filled series, which returns on Sept. 21 at 9 p.m. Cudi is no stranger to the big screen. He’s made appearances in the films “Vincent N Roxxy”, “Entourage” and “Need For Speed.” Last year, he released his fifth studio effort, “Speedin Bullet To Heaven”, which received praise from Kanye West and Andre 3000. Producer Zaytoven has become the self-made MVP of the hip hop game with the release of his new mixtape “Where Would The Game Be Without Me”, which premieres on Billboard magazine. The producer/beatsmith’s melodic, yet aggressive beats have made him the go to beatsmith in Atlanta and beyond as Gucci Mane, Migos and Future have all had their projects feature his production.