As Tito Jackson’s debut solo single “Get It Baby” rises on  the Billboard charts, (it’s currently number 19), the song continues to pack dance floors everywhere. The song has created the latest dance craze sweeping the nation as the official line dance of the summer. Audiences from cost to cost have created their own versions of the “Tito Dance” aka the Get It Baby Line Dance. One of the line dances will be showcased at the National Line Dance Convention in Las Vegas later this month. Good look to the participants. As if being one of the most hated men in America isn’t enough, Michael Jackson’s former physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, is preparing the release of a tell all book titled “This Is It”. Fans will recall that “This Is It” was the name of Jackson’s final tour, which never happened due to Murray’s medical negligence. Murray was convicted of manslaughter in connection with Jackson’s 2009 death and served four years in an Los Angeles prison. Now, he’s trying to profit off the death of the man he was convicted of killing by revealing all about Jackson’s romps with Vegas call girls, dressing up as a clown, and faking accents to get dates with women. What’s hard to believe is that Murray claims Jackson wanted  him to reveal this information. Some people have no shame. The home used in Prince’s 1984 film “Purple Rain” was purchased last year by none other than the Purple One himself. According to the Star Tribune, Prince paid $117,000 in cash for the three bedroom house, which sits at 3420 Snelling Ave. in August 2015. The publication reported that the musician never got the chance to begin the required renovations. The home’s selling agent, Deborah Larson, told the Tribune that she didn’t think Prince had a plan, she believed he just wanted the home. She added that she didn’t know who bought the house  until she received a phone call with an offer. When she saw the paper work  signed by NPG Music Publishing, she knew the purchase was by Prince. It’s no mercy given when Rick Ross and Skrillex get together in the studio. Their collaboration, “Purple Lamborghini”, is a hard hitting tune. The bass sits low to the street like it’s name sake, the drums shoot hard like Deadshot’s  glock pistol wrists. The songs sounds as good as anything else the Maybach Music mogul has released in recent years as he raps that he’s a “way bigger” problem on Skrillex’s menacing bass wubs. Skrillex leaves his mark on the track, from the “oh my God” sample to the “my name is Skrillex” throwback at the end. “Purple Lamborghini” is the first single from the “Suicide Squad” soundtrack. Rapper YG has shared a remix of his anti Donald Trump single “FDT”, featuring Mackelmore and G-Eazy. On part two of “FDT”, Mackelmore uses his verse to attack the Republican presidential nominee for his stance on banning Muslims and gun control. Meanwhile, G-Eazy compares Trump to Hitler and the KKK. During an interview with Billboard magazine, YG explained that the inspiration that sparked the song was a million different things. The song is well worth a listen.