Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton began her 69th birthday with a musical bang. While conducting an interview at radio station Power 105, she received a special birthday serenade from music legend Stevie Wonder. Wonder sang his classic “Happy Birthday” while playing the Harpejji to the delight of Mrs. Clinton. Congratulations to singer Ciara and NFL star Russell Wilson are in order. The couple has confirmed that they’re expecting their first child together. They made the announcement via matching Instagram posts. Ciara has a son with ex-fiancé rapper Future. Either South American fans have no love for Mariah Carey, or promoters didn’t promote her forthcoming South American trek very well. The singer has been forced to cancel dates on her “Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour”, which included stops in Brazil, Argentina and Chile due to promoter negligence. The tour is scheduled to begin on October 28 in Buenos Aires. Fans can visit for details.Singer Tinashe stars in the visual for the single “Just Say”, a collaboration with UK producer KDA. In the Sarah McColgan directed clip, the singer appears lost in the middle of nowhere as she walks into a surrealist Los Angeles motel. While looking for love, Tinashe capitves with a solo dance routine both in and outside the motel. The clip is worth watching. ” It looks like singer/reality star Ray J. is looking for raydemption. He’s preparing a response to rapper Kanye West’s “Famous.” The track, ironically, will also be titled “Famous” and feature singer Chris Brown. The singer stated that he didn’t intend to release another album due to being preoccupied with techs and bikes. However, he went into the studio and connected with the music. “Raydemption”, Ray’s first album since 2008’s “All I Feel” will be streamed exclusively via With the New Year just a few calendar flips away, rapper OnCue is ready to go with the new me mentality with his latest single “Sip.” The New York based rapper/singer and Rebel Base signee gives the middle finger to haters and finds the solution to his problems at the bottom of a cup. He admits to listening to his own work regularly. His debut album, “You Knew All Along”, will be released on Nov. 11. In what has been a whirlwind year since the release of his seventh studio effort “The Life Of Pablo”, rapper Kanye West has seen several unreleased tracks surface on the internet, keeping fans and casual listeners alike just as engaged as his Twitter rants. Among the Kanye West tracks leaked to the world wide web are “Original Famous Demo”, “Yeezus Back?”, “Can’t Look Into My Eyes”, “and “Life Of Pablo.”