Industry newcomer EBHONI is making a splash with her debut single “Killing Roses.” The 17-year-old Toronto native has created an R&B/dance track where she contemplates whether her relationship is worth keeping, or not. Produced by fellow Toronto native SOS, the singer juxtaposes the serious matter with an EMD influence that will make fans put the song on repeat. During a recent interview with Pigeons & Planes, EBHONI stated that she wants her music to ultimately be iconic. As a first step toward becoming an icon, the singer will release her debut EP in early 2017. For those who’ve wondered if and when it would happen, it finally has. Bruno Mars is the latest star to hop in James Corden’s Range Rover for a ride of “Carpool Karaoke.” The singer cruised the streets of Los Angeles with “The Late Show” host singing his hits, including tracks from his latest album “24 Magic” and chatting about everything from his ability to wear any hat, to his childhood Elvis performances playing poker. The two later joked about what Mars demands in his dressing room while on tour. Let’s just say wine and wet wipes should be the title of his next album. Mars pulled double duty on Tuesday night as he also performed with his group on the season finale of NBC’s “The Voice.”  Lighting up the arena, they brought a feel good retro vibe with a riveting performance of “24 Magic.” Speaking of “The Voice”, the show crowed another winner on Tuesday during their live final show. First time coach Alicia Keys made it to the finals this season with her vocalist We McDonald, who went from performing a duet with Keys on Monday, to joining singer/songwriter John Legend for a rendition of his single “Love Me Now.” The pair made quick work of the single from Legend’s latest studio effort “Darkness & Light.” With conga and percussion behind them, they took the song to the people, and were later joined by a choir of background singers as the audience cheered and clapped to the love honoring anthem. Since landing a role on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop”, rapper Juelz Santana has been active in the rap game. On Tuesday, he recruited rap stars Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes, Redman and Method Man for his new single “That Ol Thang Back.” With producer Jahlil Beats providing the beat, the Dipset MC and his friends pounce on the track with gusto. In addition to “Ole Thang Back”, Santana was also able to deliver several tracks, including “Up In The Studio Getting Blown”, “Time Ticking” and his new video for the single “Nobody Safe.” “4 Your Eyez Only” is being called rapper J. Cole’s most melancholy and introspective work to date. The album contains a quote from John Donne regarding the interconnectedness of humanity. The album is a personal conversation that the MC has with himself. He is self-reflective, digging into his head space. Despite being just 31, he’s gauging what his existence means. He remains a recluse and his tenuous relationship with fame is no secret on wax or the media. Fans can purchase the album then form their own interpretation.