Singer/songwriter Avery Sunshine will release her third studio effort, “Twenty Sixty Four”, on Friday. Much like her previous body of work, the project, headed by  the single “Come Do Nothing” is a gumbo of life experiences. “Twenty Sixty Four” is another brainchild of Sunshine and her partner and best friend Dana Johnson, whom she married one year ago. As one would guest, the project structures around their musicality and their life together as husband and wife. While Sunshine as been in the music industry for some time, she’s flown under the radar of a lot of listeners. The songstress stated during an interview with that she leaves that part up to God. She’s making music that she likes, that someone will like. She’s fortunate that a few people like what she does and she’s grateful. As for her marriage, she added that she’s married her best friend and that has made things easier. Those who don’t know who this extremely talented artist is will soon. Last night, singer/actress Jennifer Hudson appeared on “Late Night With Stephen Colbert” to discuss all her latest happenings. A former “American Idol” contestant who has gone on to win both an Oscar and Grammy, she shared her thoughts with Colbert on being on the opposite side of the judge’s chair for “The Voice” UK. She told Colbert that the advice she offers contestants is no matter whether they win or lose, they still have the prize, which is their talent. They can still make it. Earlier in the conversation, Hudson shared how she used to spend Easter at her church in her hometown of Chicago, and took the entire audience there with a rendition of “Talk About A Child.” In addition, Hudson also discussed her role in the Adam Sandler Netflix film “Sandy Wexler”, where she plays an aspiring singer managed by Sandler’s goofy character. No word on when the film will  hit theaters. A few days early and following his European club tour, singer/songwriter Eric Bellinger sparks up some musical medicinal with his 4/20 inspired project “CANNABLISS.” Featuring the single “Blazing The Game”, a collaboration with rapper The Game, the 5 track project also includes a guest appearance by fellow singer/songwriter Candice Boyd on the track “Flight.” The two lovebirds hope to light up a physical connection over the sticky track with a filtered out sample of Lauryn Hill’s vocals from “If I Ruled The World.” But, instead of an indica body high, Eric chooses a strain of sativa to take them on a higher cerebral trip. From there, Eric heats things up with the slow jam “Not High Enough.” On the closing number “Ganja”, the crooner sings about his admiration for marijuana, claiming that he blazed one with former President Barak Obama, but never does the Madonna, a perfectly rhymed reference to “white girl”, a slang term for cocaine. Discussing his inspiration behind the title of the EP, Bellinger told that marijuana has a dark cloud over it, but he happens to love everything about it. He wanted to erase the stigma attached to it. He added that he wanted to create a project everyone would love, especially marijuana users. The project is so good,  that anyone would enjoy it, even if they don’t smoke. Fans won’t be disappointed when they hear the project. Are  you still reeling over the release of rapper Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN”? If so, you’ll be happy to know that there are more treats in store surrounding the widely discussed project. Now, fans can match the cornrow Kenny who was seen riding through the Compton streets for the visual “Humble.” Following his Easter Sunday Coachella performances, two new merchandise appeared on the TDE shop for pre-sale. Both are tees emblazoned with the same “DAMN” typography that appears on the album, but across plain white and plain black colorways. Unfortunately, the white tee with red type is sold out, but fans can still get their hands on the black tee with green lettering. Both tees will run $35 and will ship out on April 24.