April 21 marks the one year anniversary of Prince’s death, and to commemorate, previously unreleased music will see the light of day. The six track EP, titled “Deliverance”, features music recorded from 2006-2008. Prince co-wrote and co-produced the material with  recording engineer Ian Boxill, who spent the last year arranging and mixing the songs. The songs on “Deliverance” all address social frustrations that Prince witnessed. Boxill stated during an interview with that he believes the release of the album is timely considering all that’s going on currently. He added that he hopes that Prince singing the songs brings comfort to those who hear them. While this is all well and good, the release of “Deliverance” isn’t welcomed by everyone; apparently  the music hasn’t been authorized for release by Paisley Park and the late singer’s estate, who are suing Boxill. According to Variety, the suit claims that Boxill violated an agreement with Prince which stated that all recordings he worked on with the artist would remain Prince’s “sole and exclusive” property, and that Boxill would not use them “in any way whatsoever.” Additionally, the suit claims that Boxill has refused to return the recordings, which are worth $75,000. With this lawsuit pending, only time will tell how long the project will be available or if it will go through; at any rate, for now, fans can pre-order “Deliverance” at iTunes. Singer/songwriter Eric Benet is currently traveling with fellow singer/songwriter Marsha Ambrosius  on the “M.E. Tour.” During his set at their stop in New Orleans, Benet took a break from his own classic material and treated fans to a rendition of Prince’s classic “How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore?.”  The crowd cheered and sang along as Benet hit the outstanding falsetto notes. The performance isn’t the only footage he’s shared from their tour. While visiting South Carolina radio station Old School 105.3 for an interview, the two singers shared their personal stories cutting songs for other artists and working with legends. Ambrosius discussed creating the single “Say Yes” for Floetry, which she initially wrote for Ronald Isley’s solo album, while Benet recounted how Earth, Wind & Fire turned down the single “I Wanna Be Loved”, which he kept for himself.  The interview was a revealing one which highlighted life inside the music industry. The throne isn’t up for grabs according to rapper Nicki Minaj. Today, the rapper unleashed her claws in the visual “No Frauds”, which features Drake and Lil Wayne. While walking the deserted streets of London alone, Minaj flexes her muscles for her foes. The continuous video finds Minaj throwing darts  in hopes of demolishing rival Remy Ma. For those who weren’t aware, Nicki and Remy were friends at one point. The relationship soured behind the scenes. Producer Ali stated that he didn’t choose to work with Minaj out of spite. He and Minaj were friendly before the riff between Nicki and Remy. As for the video, it serves as a reunion of sorts for Young Money Entertainment’s triumvirate of Nicki, Lil Wayne and Drake. “No Frauds” is the first video the trio has done since 2014’s “Only.”