Kid-N-Play is an American hip hop duo from New York City which rose to prominence during the 1980s. The duo consisted of Kid (Christopher Reid) and Play (Christopher Martin). The duo worked along side Mark “DJ Wiz” Eastmond. The pair met while performing in separate groups The Turnout Brothers and The Super Lovers, and were initially billed as The Fresh Force Crew. In 1986, the pair recorded “She’s A Skeezer” and “Rock Me.” In 1987, they changed their name to Kid-N-Play. They went on to record the albums “2 Hype” (1988), “Funhouse” (1990) and “Face The Nation” (1991) with the assistant of producer Hurby “Love Bug” Azor, who also produced Salt-N-Pepa. The duo also worked as actors, having appeared in the “House Party” franchise and “Class At” among others.