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J.J. Fad is an American female rap group from Rialto, California, a city in the Inland Empire east of Los Angeles. The name was initially an acronym of the original member’s names (Juana, Juanita, Fatima, Anna and Dania), but after a line-up change, it stood for Just, Jamming, Fresh and Def. J.J. Fad was formed as a quintet in 1985 with a line-up that consisted of Juana Burns (MC J.B.), Dania Birks (Baby D), Anna Cash (Lady Anna), Fatima Shaheed (O.G. Rocker) and Juanita Lee (Crazy J). J. J. Fad was one of the original acts signed to Ruthless Records by rapper Eazy E. In 1987, the group released the single “Another Ho” with “Supersonic” as the B side produced by Arabian Prince. Due to management and financial disagreements, Cash, Shaheed and Lee left the group, leaving J.J. Fad a duo consisting of Burns and Birks. They were joined by Michelle Franklin (Sassy C) and DJ Train. Together, they re-recorded and re-released “Supersonic” in 1988, this time as  an A side. It sold 400,000 copies independently before rapper Eazy E and Jerry Heller secured the group a recording contract with Atco Records. The single was followed by the album “Supersonic”, which was produced by Arabian Prince, who made J.J. Fad accessible to pop audiences. J.J. Fad was the first female rap group nominated for a Grammy award, and the album and single “Supersonic” were certified gold. The group followed up “Supersonic” three years later with “Not Just A Fad” in 1991. The group disbanded shortly thereafter. After a two decade hiatus from the music industry, the group reunited and performs at old school and freestyle concerts.