Disclaimer: These songs are the property of Mila J.

Jamila Akiko Aba Chilombo, known professionally as Mila J, is an American singer/songwriter/rapper/dancer. Chilombo began her career as a member of a dance group, which brought her to the attention of Chris Stokes. Through Stokes, Chilombo got an audition for and starred as a dancer in the Prince video “Diamonds And Pearls”, which was released in 1991. She later went to join the girl group Gyrl.  As a solo artist, she has released the EPs “Split Personality” (2006), “Made In LA” (2014), “213” (2016), “Milaulongtime” (2017), “Dopeamine” (2017), “11.18” (2017), “January 2018” (2018), “February 2018” (2018), “March 2018” (2018), “April” (2018), “May 2018” (2018), “June 2018” (2018), “July 2018” (2018).