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GQ is an American R&B group that rose to prominence during the 1970s. GQ was formed in 1968 as a quartet called Sabu and the Survivors. Sabu was a monkier for bassist Keith Crier. In the 1970s, the group changed their name to the Rhythm Makers and began playing funk. They were Five Percenters. The group consisted of Emanual Rahiem LaBlanc (guitar/vocals), Keith “Sabu” Crier (bass/vocals), Herb Lane (keyboards/vocals) and Kenny  Banks (drums/vocals). In 1976, the group releasd the album “Soul On Your Side”, which featured the single “Zone.” In 1978, Kenny Banks was replaced by Paul Service and the group’s manager suggested they change their name to “GQ”, which stood for “good quality.” They signed with Arista Records. GQ became successful playing music that represented the disco sound of the time. They had several high ranking singles in several markets, (US Pop, US Black, US Disco/Club). Their biggest hit was “Disco Nights”, the title track from their debut album, which went on to reach #1 on the R&B charts, #3 on the Hot Dance Club Play and #12 on the Billboard Hot 100. The long awaited follow up to “Disco Nights”, “The Mr. Q Project”, was released in 2017.