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Leonard Charles Williams,  known professionally as Lenny Williams,  is an American singer/songwriter who rose to prominence during the 1970s. Learning to play the trumpet in elementary school fueled his interest in music. His vocal ability was nurtured in gospel choirs and groups around the Bay area. Williams served as lead singer of the band Tower Of Power. While still with the band, he recorded his debut solo album “Pray For The Lion” for Warner Bros. Records in 1974. In 1975, Williams left the band to pursue a solo career. He has recorded the albums “Pray For The Lion” (1974), “Rise Sleeping Beauty” (1975), “Choosing You” (1977), “Spark Of Love” (1978), “Love Current” (1979), “Let’s Do It Today” (1980), “Taking Chances” (1981), “Changing” (1984), “New Episode” (1986), “Laying In Wait” (1989), “Chill” (1996), “Here’s To The Lady” (1996), “Love Therapy” (2000), “My Way” (2004), “It Must Be Love” (2007) , “Unfinished Business” (2009) and “Still In The Game” (2012). Williams has continued his solo career, touring the United States, Europe and South Africa. He has expanded his career to include acting, starring in several stage plays, including Love On Lay Away, What Men Don’t Tell and When A Woman’s Fed Up.