Disclaimer: This song is the property of Anthony David.

Anthony David Harrington, known professionally as Anthony David, is an American singer/songwriter from Savannah, Georgia. Harrington got into the music industry in Atlanta. He met singer India Arie and the two became friends. Harrington penned the song “Part Of My Life” for Arie’s album “Acoustic Soul.” Harrington also toured with Arie in support of the album. In 2004, he released his debut independent album “Three Chords & The Truth.” At that time, Harrington toured with India Arie as her opening act and performed songs from his album, gaining recognition. In 2006, Harrington released his sophomore independent effort “The Red Clay Chronicles”, which gained attention after opening  India Arie’s shows. The two collaborated again on the single “There’s Hope”, taken from Arie’s third studio effort. In 2008, he released his third effort, “Acey Duecy.” He released his fourth effort, “As Above, So Below” on February 22, 2011.