Disclaimer: This song is the property of The Cookie Crew.

The Cookie Crew were a rap duo from Clapham, South London. They was formed in 1983. Their career began after they won a national rap championship and recorded two sessions for the John Peel BBC Radio 1 show. In July 1987, the single “Rock Da House” became a hit in nightclubs. Their follow up single, “Females” , was a minor hit in 1987. The popularity of “Rock Da House” lead to appearances on the program No Limits. The track was remixed and crossed over into the mainstream. The song became a Top 5 hit on the UK Singles Chart. The group went on to sign with the FFRR label, where they had the hits “Born This Way (Let’s Dance)”, “Got To Keep On” and “Come And Get Some.” The duo continues to tour and perform around the world.