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The Dazz Band is an American R&B/funk band that rose to prominence during the 1980’s. The group was formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 1976 and stemmed from the jazz fusion band Telefunk. The original members of The Dazz Band consists of Bobby Harris (saxophone, vocals), Kenny Pettus (lead vocals, percussion), Isaac “Ike’ Wiley Jr. (drums), his brother Michael Wiley (bass) and Michael Calhoun (guitar). The group was originally called Kinsman Dazz at the suggestion of Ray Calabrese, went on to become their manager. Kinsman Dazz  was signed to 20th Century Records and recorded two albums for the label, neither of which received much commercial success. In 1980, the group signed to Motown Records. Personnel changes also occurred, with Sennie “Skip” Martin, Pierre DeMudd, Kevin Kendricks and Eric Fearman replacing Wayne Preston and Les Thaler. The group released their debut album for Motown “Invitation To Love” in 1980. The band’s breakthrough came a year later with the release of the album “Keep It Live.” The album’s first single, “Let It Whip”, reached #1 on the R&B charts, and received a Grammy award. It also continues to receive airplay on Sirius XM radio. They have released the albums “Joystick”, “On The One”, “Jukebox”, “Greatest Hits”, “Hot Spot”, “Wild & Free”, “Rock The Room”, “Under The Streetlights”, “Double Exposure”, “Here We Go Again” and “Time Traveler.”