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Radric Delantic Davis, known professionally as Gucci Mane, is an American rapper/songwriter from Atlanta, GA. He enjoyed writing poetry as a child, and began rapping at the age of 14. Following an arrest, he took music seriously and released the single “La Flare” on Str8 Drop Records. It was pressed on 1000 CDs and distributed throughout Atlanta. Following that release, and inspired by Master P, Davis wanted to start his own label. Davis began managing rapper Lil Buddy in 2001. In 2002, Davis signed with SYS Records as a member of the Sign Yourself Click. Davis also linked up producer Zaytoven and formed his own label, LaFlare Entertainment. After heading to New York in search of a distribution deal and returning home empty handed, Davis was introduced to producer Big Cat, the CEO of Big Cat Records. Ultimately deciding to form an alliance with the label that made Khia a star, Davis released the single “Black Tee”, and answer song to Dem Franchize Boyz’ “White Tee” as well as a collaboration with fellow rapper Young Jeezy titled “So Icy.” In 2005, Davis released his debut album “Trap House”, featuring the single “Icy.” He has released the albums “Hard To Kill” (2006), “Trap-A-Thon” (2007), “Back To The Trap House” (2007), “Murder Was The Case” (2009), “The State Vs. Radric Davis” (2009), “The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted” (2010), “The Return Of Mr. Zone 6” (2011), “Everybody Looking” (2016), “The Return Of East Atlanta Santa” (2016), “Mr. Davis” (2017), “El Gato: The Human Glacier” (2017) and “Evil Genius” (2018).