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Keith Sweat is an American singer/songwriter producer from New York City. He began his career as a member of the band Jamilah, with which he traveled throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. In 1984, he branched out on his own and performed in New York City clubs. He recorded the single “My Mind Is Made Up” for the independent label Stadium Records, which released two albums prior to Sweat’s. During that time, he wrote the song “All I Want Is My Baby” for singer Robert Gilliam in 1985. In November 1987, Sweat released his debut album, “Make It Last Forever.” It featured the singles “I Want Her”, “Make It Last Forever” and “Something Just Ain’t Right.” In 1990, he released his sophomore effort, “I’ll Give All My Love To You.” He has released the albums “Keep It Coming” (1991), “Get Up On It” (1994), “Keith Sweat” (1996), “Still In The Game” (1998), “Didn’t See Me Coming” (2000), “Rebirth” (2002), “Just Me” (2008), “Riding Solo” (2010), “Til The Morning” (2011), “Dress To Impress” (2016) and “Playing For Keeps” (2018).