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Sidney Royel Selby, known professionally as Desiigner, is an American rapper/singer/songwriter/producer from Brooklyn, New York. Selby began practicing vocals at school and church. At age 14, after being shot, he embarked on a music career. Selby initially pursued his career under the moniker Dezolo, before he began releasing tracks under the name Designer Royel, his middle name. His sister convinced him to drop Royel and keep Designer, doubling the “i.” On December 3, 2015, under the new pseudonym, Desiigner released the single “Zombie Walk.” On December 15, 2015, Desiigner released his first commercial single “Panda” via Soundcloud. The song was released on iTunes five days before being released in February 2016. He has released the albums “New English” (2016) and “L.OD.” (2018).