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Mandrill is an American multi-genre band formed in Brooklyn, New York in 1968. The lineup consisted of brothers Carlos Wilson (trombone, vocals), Lou Wilson (trumpet, vocals) and Ric Wilson (sax, vocals). The band also included Claude “Coffee” Cave (keyboards, percussion, vocals) and Bundy Cenac (bass). Fudgie Kae Solomon replaced Cenac on bass in 1972. Charles Padro (drums, percussion, vocals) was replaced by Neftali Santiago and Omar Mesa (guitar, vocals) was replaced by Doug Rodriguez. This completed the Madrill lineup during the Polydor years 1970-1975, In later years, the band included Juaquin Jessup (lead guitar, percussion, vocals), Tommy Trujillo (guitar) and  Andrea Lock (drums). A fourth Wilson brother was also included. Their songs have been sampled by several hip hop artists, including Johnny D, Public Enemy, Beck, DJ Shadow, Shawty Lo, Big L, Kanye West, Jin, Eminem and 9th Wonder. Their music blended funk, Latin, salsa, rock, blues and soul. They have released the albums “Mandrill” (1970), “Mandrill Is” (1971), “Composite Truth” (1972), “Just Outside Of Town” (1973), “Mandrilland” (1974), “Solid” (1974), “The Best Of Mandrill” (1975), “Beast From The East” (1976), “The Greatest Hits” (1977), “We Are One” (1977), “New Worlds” (1979), “Getting In The Mood” (1980), “Energize” (1981), “The Warriors (Echos In My Mind)” (film soundtrack-1981), “Rebirth” (1992), “Fencewalk: The Anthology” (1997), “The Ultimate Collection” (2000), “Peace And Love” (2001), “Driving While Black And Brown” (2001), “Live At Montreux” (2002) and “Sunshine” (2005).