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Orville Richard Burrell, known professionally as Shaggey, is a Jamaican singer/musician/DJ. In 1987, Burrell took singing lessons and was discovered a year later, singing on the streets with friends. Burrell rose to prominence following the release of the single “Oh Carolina”,  a dancehall remake of the hit by the Folkes Brothers, which was featured in the film “Silver.” He has scored with such hits as “Boombastic”, “Nice And Lovely”, a duet with Frankie Cutlass and “That Girl”, a duet with Maxi Priest. He has released the albums “Pure Pleasure” (1993), “Original Dobeman” (1994), “Boombastic” (1995), “Midnite Lover” (1997), “Hot Shot” (2000), “Lucky Day” (2002), “Clothes Drop” (2005), “Intoxication” (2007), “Shaggy & Friends” (2011), “Summer In Kingston” (2011), “Rise” (2012), “Out Of Many, One Music” (2013), “44/876” (with Sting) (2018).