Englewood, New Jersey native LeA Robinson draws inspiration from rapper Snoop Dogg’s classic “Gin & Juice” for her new video, “Sorry.” During an interview with, the singer indicated that the song came after she grew tired of apologizing for being a great human being and artist. LeA’s new album, “Broken Girl”, is now available via all digital platforms. She’s also preparing an acoustic mixtape, due out soon. Tamar Braxton continues to promote her latest album, “The Bluebird Of Happiness”, with the release of a music video for the single “Wanna Love You Boy.” Produced by Yonni and written by Eric Bellinger, “Wanna Love You Boy”, draws inspiration from the Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams hit “Wanna Love You Girl.” In the accompanying visual, which gives viewers 90’s nostalgia, Tamar hangs out with friends while a group of guys try to attract  their attention. The clip includes dancing, twerking, dominos and more. Tamar released her fifth and alleged final studio album, “The Bluebird Of Happiness”, in September of 2017. Other singles taken from the album include “My Mind”, “Blind” and “The Makings Of You.” In other news, Tamar made hot topics after a video she posted to Instagram on Friday made some believe she was sick. Many followers commented on her weight, which she opened up about recently. After giving birth to her now 5-year-old son, Logon, in 2013, she told Blitz that she’s slimmed down. Oakville, Ontario native Meagan de Lima bares her soul in the visual for her new single, ‘Unfold Me.” “Unfold Me” contains acoustic guitars, bass and finger snaps. Meagan’s powerful, emotion filled vocals compliment the track’s sonics making for an exhilarating listening experience. The video  compliments Meagan’s lyrics and her new sense of trust and free spirit as she wears a nightgown, at times brandishing an acoustic guitar, showing viewers she’s let her guard down. Fans will enjoy this one. Takeoff, the youngest member of the rap ensemble Migos, released his solo album “The Last Rocket” on Nov. 2. The rapper released the video “Casper” on Tuesday. The clip takes place in outer space, matching the theme of his “Last Rocket” album and sound. The futuristic clip features a rocket blasting off and meteors swirling around space and sets the year to 2092. Takeoff appears as an astronaut who explores space in a gravity -defying white Rolls Royce until he lands on a planet filled with beautiful women. “Casper” is the second single to receive a music video. “Last Memory” was released on Oct. 26.