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Douglas Davis, known professionally as Doug E. Fresh, is a Barbadian-American rapper/record producer/beat boxer. Although Davis began his career as a solo artist and was the last artist signed to Enjoy Records and the first signed to Vintertainment Records; it was when he and a group of DJs known as the Get Fresh Crew, along with a newcomer billed as MC Ricky D, signed with Danya/Reality Records the following year and recorded the track “The Show”, which sampled the melody of the Inspector Gadget theme. The single’s B side, “La Di Da Di”,  featured MC Ricky D backed by Doug E’s beat boxing the entire duration of the song. Both songs were released as singles and broke Davis and MC Ricky D to stardom. Both songs are considered early hip hop classics and they are the first and only hip hop singles to have hit songs on the same record. He has released the albums “Oh My God! (Doug E. Fresh Album)” (1986), “The World’s Greatest Entertainer” (1988), “Doin What I Gotta Do” (1992) and “Play” (1995).