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Gabriel Jackson, known professionally as Spoonie Gee, is an American rapper from New York City. Jackson is one of the earliest rap artists, and one of the first artists to release records during the 1970s.  He also originated the term hip hop and the themes of his music were precursors to gangsta rap. He received the nickname Spoonie as a child because a spoon was the only utensil he’d eat with. Jackson began his career by practicing his rhymes in  his uncle Bobby Robinson’s basement. Robinson was a record producer at the time. His first recording came about after Peter Brown visited Robinson’s record store and mentioned that he wanted to make a rap record. Jackson was suggested, and he recorded “Spoonin Rap”, which was released via Sound Of New York USA. He then went on to record for Robinson’s Enjoy Records. His first single for the label was “Love Rap.” He left Enjoy and signed with Sugarhill Records where he released “Spoonie’s Back” and “Monster Jam”, a collaboration with Sequence. He has released the album “The Godfather Of Rap” (1987), “Old And New Jams” (1989), “Old And New Jams/The Godfather” (1993) and “Godfather Of Hip Hop” (1996).