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Yvette Marie Stevens, known professionally as Chaka Khan, is an American singer/songwriter from Chicago, IL. She was introduced to jazz as a child by her grandmother. As a preteen, she became a fan of R&B, and at age 11, formed the female group the Crystalettes, which included her sister Taka. In 1970, she was asked to replace Baby Huey of Baby Huey & the Babysitters. The group disbanded a year later. While performing in local clubs, Stevens was spotted by two members of the band Rufus and became the band’s lead singer. Rufus went on to have such hits as “Tell Me Something Good”, “You Got The Love”, “Sweet Thing” and “Once You Get Started.” In 1978, Stevens released her debut solo album “Chaka.” The album featured the single “I’m Every Woman.” As a solo artist, Stevens scored with the  hits “Clouds”, “What Cha Gonna Do For Me”, “Papillon”, “Through The Fire” and “I Feel For You.” She has released the albums “Chaka” (1978), “Naughty” (1980), “What Cha Gonna Do For Me” (1981), “Chaka Khan” (1982), “Echos Of An Era” (1982), “I Feel For You” (1984), “Destiny” (1986), “OK” (1988), “The Woman I am” (1992), “Come 2 My House” (1998), “Classikhan” (2004), “Funk This” (2007) and “Hello Happiness” (2019).