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Dwight Myers, known professionally as Heavy D, was a Jamaican born rapper/singer/songwriter/producer/actor, and leader of the group Heavy D & the Boyz, which consisted of Glen “G-Whiz” Parrish, Troy “Trouble T Roy” Dixon and Edward “Eddie F” Ferrell. Heavy D & the Boyz were signed to Uptown Records with Heavy D as the frontman and only rapper. Eddie F was his business partner, DJ and one of the producers. G-Whiz and Trouble T Roy were dancers. In 1987, they released their debut album “Livin Large.” Their sophomore effort, “Big Time”, was a breakthrough that included four hits. Troy “Trouble T Roy” Dixon died  in a fall on July 15, 1990 in Indianapolis. Dixon’s death led to a tribute on the group’s followup album “Peaceful Journey.” Dwight “Heavy D” Myers died on November 8, 2011 at age 44. The group also released the albums “Blue Funk” (1993) and “Nothin But Love” (1994).