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Rose Royce is an American nine piece R&B band from Los Angeles, CA. They are remembered for the singles “Car Wash”, “I Wanna Get Next To You”, “I’m Going Down” and “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore.” The band initially consisted of Gwen Dickey (vocals), Henry Garner (drums), Terral “Terry” Santiel (congas), Lequeint “Duke’ Jobe (bass), Michael Moore (saxophone), Kenny Copeland (trumpet, lead vocals), Kenji Brown (guitar, lead vocals), Freddie Dunn (trumpet), and Victor Nix (keyboards). The group began in the early 1970s as Total Concept Unlimited. In 1973, the group toured England and Japan with Motown star Edwin Starr. Starr introduced the group to Motown producer Norman Whitfield,  known for bringing a progressive rock/funk slant to the company via Starr’s  “War”, The Undisputed Truth’s “Smiling Faces Sometimes” and The Temptation’s “Papa Was  A Rolling Stone.” After a decade at Motown, Whitfield wanted to start his own label. He took Total Concept Unlimited under his wing and signed them to his label. The group, then called Magic Wand, began working with singer Yvonne Fair and became the studio band for The Undisputed Truth. During a tour stop in Miami, Undisputed Truth leader Joe Harris introduced Whitfield to singer Gwen Dickey, who was a member of the local group The Jewels. Dickey was flown into Los Angeles for an audition. In Dickey, Whitfield found the ingredient that he thought was missing from Magic Wand; a charismatic female singer. Whitfield gave her the stage name Rose Norwalt. With the original lineup now complete, the band began preparing their debut album. During this time Whitfield was contacted by film director Michael Shultz, fresh off the success of his first film Cooley High, with an offer to score his next film, Car Wash. Whitfield utilized the film to launch his new group, and began composing music based on script outlines. In keeping with the film’s automotive theme, the band’s name was changed to Rose Royce, and Gwen “Rose” Dickey was placed front and center. Furthermore, it hinted at the touch of class the band strove to bring to 1970s soul-funk. Released in late 1976, the Car Wash soundtrack featured the Top Ten R&B singles “Car Wash”, “I Wanna Get Next To You” and “I’m Going Down.” The group’s follow up album, “Rose Royce 2: In Full Bloom”, featured the singles “Do Your Dance”, “Ooh Boy” and “Wishing On A Star.” They also released the albums “Rose Royce 3: Strikes Again!” (1978), “Rose Royce IV: Rainbow Connection” (1979), “Greatest Hits” (1980), Rose Royce V: Golden Touch” (1980), “Jump Street” (1981), “Stronger Than Ever” (1982), “Music Magic” (1984), ‘The Show Must Go On” (1985), “Fresh Cut” (1986) and “Perfect Lover” (1989). Rose Royce was featured on the TV One documentary Unsung, which detailed the internal bickering in the group. Gwen Dickey performs as a solo artist in the UK, but mentioned during her interview that she wouldn’t mind performing with the group again. Debelah Morgan was lead singer of the band from 2012-2013.