Instead of releasing a music video, singer Staasia Daniels has released a mini-sitcom for her single “Peanut Butter.” Directed by Ashley Iris Gill, the clip shows the Toronto singer/songwriter daydreaming about a date with an admirer. From raw chicken to card games to Twister, the date turns into a night of passion, but it was all a dream. Fans will definitely enjoy this one. Following the release of his latest studio effort “Father Of 4”, rapper Offset forms the Bando Brothers with Gucci Mane, Metro Boomin and Southside to rob a Chicago bank in the visual “Quarter Milli.” The clip begins with a radio announcement warning financial institutions to be weary of The Bando Brothers coming into their establishment. Based on their dapper fashion choices and the Model Ts being driven around, the video appears to take place during the Roaring Twenties. The crew first meets up to discuss how they would go about catching their next lick. Once everyone knows their role, they depart for a Chicago bank. Set, Metro and Southside burst through the door and successfully execute the hold up, while Gucci Mane waits outside and keeps an eye on the operation with a car ready to go. The group heads for the safe and bags up as much money as they can carry, before escaping with law enforcement nowhere in sight. Fans should check this one out.