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Adelaida Martinez, known professionally as The Real Roxanne, is an American female rapper who recorded for Select Records. In the 1980’s, she, Roxanne Shante and others were engaged in the Roxanne Wars, a series of answer records inspired by the UTFO single “Roxanne, Roxanne”, being the officially sanctioned artists in response to the all the answer records. The role of the Real Roxanne was initially filled by Elease Jack, who recorded the single “The Real Roxanne” under the character’s name. Meanwhile, Martinez claims she was introduced to UTFO in a fashion similar to the Roxanne story. She was acquainted with Full Force’s Paul Anthony George, who produced UTFO. Her biggest hit is “Bang Zoom (Let’s Go Go)”, a duet with Howie Tee. The song reached #11 on the UK Singles Chart, and is her only UK hit to date. She released the albums “The Real Roxanne” (1988) and “Go Down (But Don’t Bite It)” (1992).