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The Isley Brothers are an American R&B group from Cincinnati, OH. The group, which initially consisted of brothers Ronald, Rudolph, Vernon and Kelly Isley, began singing in church. Patterning themselves after Billy Ward and his Dominoes and the Dixie Hummingbirds, the quartet began performing professionally in 1954. A short time later, they won a spot on the Ted Mack Amateur, where they won the competition. With Vernon on lead vocals, the group began touring all over the eastern US region performing in several churches. When Vernon was thirteen, he was killed after a car struck him while he was riding his bike. Devastated, the remaining trio disbanded. Convinced to regroup, the trio decided to record popular music, and with their parents blessing, moved to New York City.  With Ronald assuming the lead singer position, the group contacted Richard Barrett, who had them contact several New York record producers. They eventually had their first recordings produced by George Goldner, who recorded the singles “Angels Cried” and “The Cow Jumped Over The Moon.” These songs were regional hits. In 1959, the group landed a recording contract with RCA Records. Later that year, mixing their brand of gospel with doo-wop harmonies, the group recorded their composition “Shout”, a song devised from a Washington DC club performance where they covered Jackie Wilson’s “Lonely Teardrops.” The original version of the song peaked at #47 on the Billboard Hot 100 but never reached the R&B chart. Nevertheless, it sold one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc by the RIAA. Follow up recordings for RCA failed to chart, and the group left RCA in 1961 and signed with Scepter Records. In 1962, the group had their first top 40 hit with the Bert Berns composition “Twist And Shout”, which reached #17 on the Hot 100 and #2 on the R&B chart. The song remained on the charts for 19 weeks. Moving their entire operations to New Jersey, the group struggled with  recordings, eventually forming T-Neck Records in 1964. With guitarist Jimi Hendrix on board, the group recorded “Testify” and “Move On Over And Let Me Dance.” The brothers later signed with Motown Records where they had their second top 40 hit “This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You).” While the brothers recordings were more successful than their earlier works, they struggled to have a follow up hit with the label. They left Motown in 1968. Resurrecting their T-Neck label that year, the brothers signed a distribution deal with Buddah Records and released the single “It’s Your Thing” in February 1969. The song, which featured younger brother Ernie Isley on on  bass, reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on the R&B chart. By 1971, brothers Ernie and Marvin Isley and brother-in-law Chris Jasper added input to the group’s music. By the end of the group’s tenure with Buddah Records in 1973, they became official members. With a lineup consisting of Ronald, Rudolph, Kelly, Marvin and Ernie Isley and Chris Jasper, the group  went on to chart with such hits as “That Lady”, “Live It Up”, “Fight The Power”, “For The Love Of You”, “Summer Breeze” and “Harvest For The World”, to name a few. They have released the albums “Shout!” (1959), “Twist & Shout” (1962), “Twisting And Shouting” (1963), “This Old Heart Of Mind” (1966), “Soul On The Rocks” (1967), “It’s Our Thing” (1969), “The Brothers: Isley” (1969), “Get Into Something” (1970), “Giving It Back” (1971), “Brother, Brother, Brother” (1972), “3+3” (1973), “Live It Up” (1974), “The Heat Is On” (1975), “Harvest For The World” (1976), “Go For Your Guns” (1977), “Showdown” (1978), “Winner Takes All” (1979), “Go All The Way” (1980), “Grand Slam” (1981), “Inside You” (1981), “The Real Deal” (1982), “Between The Sheets” (1983), “Masterpiece” (1985), “Smooth Sailing” (1987), “Spend The Night” (1989), “Tracks Of Life” (1992), “Mission To Please” (1996), “Eternal” (2001), “Body Kiss” (2003), “Baby Making Music” (2006) and “Power Of Peace” (2017).