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The Undisputed Truth is an American Motown Recording act that rose to prominence in the 1970s.  The group was assembled by songwriter/producer Norman Whitfield as an outlet for his psychedelic soul production techniques. Joe “Pep” Harris served as lead singer, with Billie Rae Calivn and Brenda Joyce Evans on additional lead and background vocals. The group had several minor hits, which also happen to be hits for Whitfield’s main act, The Temptations, among them, “You Make Your Own Heaven”, “Hell Right Here On Earth” and “Papa Was A Rolling Stone.” Their only Top 40 hit in the United States was “Smiling Faces Sometimes”, which hit #3 on the U.S. Pop Charts in 1971. Although they never recreated the success of “Smiling Faces Sometimes”, they continued to make chart appearances during the 1970s.  They recorded the albums “The Undisputed Truth” (1971), “Face To Face With The Truth” (1972), “Law Of The Land” (1973), “Down To Earth” (1974), “Cosmic Truth” (1975), “Higher Than High” (1975), “Method To The Madness” (1976) and “Smoking” (1979). Now, a half a century later, the returns with the ballad “Butterflies”, taken from their album “The Truth Gon’ Set You Free.” “Butterflies” glides beautifully and is a great reintroduction to The Undisputed Truth. Today, the group consists of Joe Harris, BJ Evans, Dazee Love and Jaki G.