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Enchantment is an American R&B quintet from Detroit, MI. The group was formed at Pershing High School and consisted of Emanuel “EJ” Johnson, Joe “Jobie” Thomas, Bobby Green, Edgar “Mickey” Clanton and David Banks. The group came to the attention of Dick Scott, a former Motown executive who formed his own artist development company, Artist International. In 1973, they formed an alliance with Michael Stokes, who produced the Bill Withers hit “Who Is He (And What Is He To You).” In 1976, Stokes negotiated a recording contract with Roadshow Records. Following the release of the uptempo number “Come On And Ride”, the group decided to focus on writing ballads. Their debut self-titled album, “Enchantment”, contained the singles “Gloria” and “Sunshine”, which charted number five and number three respectively. Their sophomore effort, “Once Upon A Dream”, contained the single “It’s You That I Need”, which topped the R&B charts. By 1980, Roadshow had folded and Enchantment signed with RCA Records. None of the group’s albums for RCA sold well. Enchantment still performs for fans. Jobie Thomas left the group and has formed his own group as Enchantment featuring Jobie Thomas. Enchantment has released the albums “Enchantment” (1977), “Once Upon A Dream” (1978), “Journey To The Land Of Enchantment” (1979), “Soft Light, Sweet Music” (1980), “Enchanted Lady” (1982) and “Utopia” (1982).