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Todd Anthony Shaw, known professionally Too Short, is an American rapper/songwriter/producer/actor from Oakland, CA. Shaw is considered a pioneer of West Coast hip hop. He began recording in 1985, becoming one of Oakland’s better known underground artist before signing a recording contract with Jive Records in 1987, and releasing his debut album “Born To Mack.” He is  best known for such songs as “Life Is Too Short”, “The Ghetto” and “Blow The Whistle.” He has released the albums “Don’t Stop Rapping” (1983), “Players” (1985), “Raw, Uncut & X-Rated” (1986), “Born To Mack” (1987), “Life Is Too Short” (1989), “Short Dog’s In The House” (1990), “Shorty The Pimp” (1992), “Get In Where You Fit In” (1993), “Cocktails” (1995), “Getting It (Album Number Ten)” (1996), “Can’t Stay Away” (1999), “You Nasty” (2000), “Chase The Cat” (2001), “What’s My Favorite Word?” (2002), “Married To The Game” (2003), “Blow The Whistle” (2006), “Get Off The Stage” (2007), “Still Blowing” (2010), “No Trespassing” (2012) and “The Pimp Tape” (2018).