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Stetsasonic was an American hip hop group from Brooklyn, New York City. Formed in 1981, the group was originally known as The Stetson Brothers, after the Stetson hat, and consisted of  three MCs, the Human Hit Machine and Prince Paul. The Stetson Brothers later changed their name and style to Stetsasonic the Hip Hop band and signed a recording contract with Tommy Boy Records after DBC came up with and played a bassline for their debut single “If You Can’t Say It All Just Say STET” from Tommy Boy Records head Tom Silverman. The single received regular airplay several months later, and the group released their debut album “On Fire” in 1986. The album received mixed reviews, although their next albums “In Full Gear” and “Blood, Sweat & No Tears” were critically acclaimed. The group disbanded after the release of “Blood, Sweat & No Tears.”