Singer Anthony Flammia has announced a new musical series that’s sure to leave fans in musical bliss. Flammia’s live performance of the single “Pieces”  is the first installation of a series of intimate performances hosted by Sounds Music Group. The experience was Flammia’s idea in order to introduce media, tastemakers and industry professionals to his live show. The “Pieces” clip shows Flammia in a quaint, fully loaded loft performing his new single while playing the piano, which is one of five instruments he’s mastered, mostly through himself. “Pieces”  captures the feeling of knowing it’s over and there’s nothing you can do to bring it back. “Pieces” is the follow up to last year’s “Top Of My Lungs.” Both tracks will appear on his forthcoming album “F.L.A.M.M.” In the supporting visual for “Pieces”, Flammia sings his way through the ups, downs, twists and  turns of a failing relationship on a therapist’s couch. The setting not only de-stigmatizes therapy and conversations about the mental health of young men of color, but also hints at the therapeutic role  F.L.A.M.M. has come to serve in the singer’s life. He’s definitely one to watch. Singer/songwriter Cameron Dietz recently released the single “Goals.” The song is taken from his forthcoming EP “Lake Destiny”, and features an upbeat pop sound with an early 2000s Justin Timberlake vibe. In the song, Dietz talks a woman up, tells her how wonderful she is and how, unbeknownst to her, she’s goals. It’s a positive affirmation song more than anything, injecting a sense of self confidence in any woman listing. While “Goals” is clearly a pop song, Dietz is known for his mixture of pop and R&B. Last year, he released the single “Hill Valley”, which garnered a lot of attention. He was added to Highnobiety’s “Top 10 New Artists To Discover.” He also caught the attention of Marlon Wayans, DC Young Fly,  and Ken Jeong. With “Goals” now available on all streaming platforms, Dietz assures that the EP “Lake Destiny” is on the way. Hopefully, Dietz will deliver an exciting video for “Pieces” to match the energy of the song.