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Chic is an American R&B band from New York City that rose to prominence during the 1970s. The origins of Chic began in 1970 when bassist Bernard Edwards and guitarist Nile Rodgers met while working as session musicians. They formed a rock band called The Boys, then a short time later The Big Apple Band, and played gigs around New York City. Despite interest in their demos,  they were never offered a recording contract. They became members of New York City, who charted with “I’m Doing Fine Now” in 1978. The original demo tapes were made by DJ/engineer Robert Drake, who played lacquer records while DJing at the after hours club Night Owl. New York City broke up in 1976. Following the release of Walter Murphy’s single and album “A Fifth Of Beethoven”, they changed  their name to Chic. Inspired after attending a Roxy Music concert, Nile Rodgers began developing the idea of a band whose music and image would form a seamless and immersive whole,  taking additional influence from the rock band Kiss. In 1977, Rodgers and Edwards recruited drummer Tony Thompson and the trio began performing as a cover band. Thompson later recruited keyboardist Raymond Jones. Needing a singer to become a full band, they engaged singer Norma Jean Wright under an agreement that would allow her to have a solo career in addition to working with the band. In 1977, Chic signed with Atlantic Records and released their self-tilted debut album, which included the singles “Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)” and “Everybody Dance.” During the spring/summer of 1978, singer Luci Martin was added to the lineup and Wright began working on a solo album. A contract dispute forced Wright to leave the group and she was replaced by singer Alpha Anderson. In 1978, the band released  their sophomore effort “C’est Chic.” It featured  their best known track “LeFreak”, which reached number one on the U.S. charts and sold six million copies. Chic also charted with the hits “I Want Your Love”, “Good Times”, “Rebels Are We” and “Soup For One.” They released the albums “Chic” (1977), “C’est Chic” (1978), “Risque” (1979), “Real People” (1980), “Take It Off” (1981), “Tongue In Chic” (1982), “Believer” (1983), “Chic-ism” (1992), “It’s About Time” (2018) and “Executive Realness” (2019).