Musician and Lasperanza founder Rico Garofalo has worked with many greats over the years, and with a clear vision,  returns to the spotlight with “Seeds”, an album that takes several classic songs and gives them a new feel. The project includes special guest appearances from Kayleigh O’Neill, Rhiannon Penny, Colette Connor, LaAerial, Hannah White, Heidi Vogel and Keni Stevens.  The album contains  ten tracks, including “Under The Moon And Over The Sky” and “Working Day And Night.” Fans will enjoy this one. It may seem like an unlikely pairing, but R&B legend Gladys Knight and 80’s pop star Boy George have released a duet titled “Runaway Train”, taken from Culture Club’s 2018 album “Life.” Knight has had a great 2019 thus far, including an amazing performance at the Super Bowl, but was absent from the Motown 60 event. She sounds great on this new single, a driving uptempo number, which opens with a retro piano and drum beat, and follows with lush, 70s style production. The track was recorded in the Fall of 2018 and Knight has also performed the song during a Culture Club concert in Los Angeles. Fans should check this one out.