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Nathaniel Thomas Wilson, known professionally as Kool G Rap, is an American rapper from Queens, New York. He began his career as half of the duo Kool G Rap & DJ Polo, and is widely regarded as one of the most influential rappers of all time. Wilson’s professional career began when producers Mr. Magic and Marly Marl allowed Polo and Kool G Rap to record a demo, which resulted in the song “It’s A Demo.” The song was written and  recorded in one night, and so impressed Marly Marl, that he invited them to join the Juice Crew. In 1986, the duo appeared on Mr. Magic’s radio show Mr. Magic’s Rap Attack on 107. 5. The duo eventually released “It’s A Demo” as a single along with “I’m Fly” and two other singles. They also appeared on the classic Juice  Crew posse cut “The Symphony.” They released the albums “Road To The Riches” (1989), “Wanted: Dead Or Alive” (1990), “Live And Let Die” (1992), “Click Or Respect” (2003), “Once Upon A Crime” (2013) and “Son Of G Rap” (2018).  The duo disbanded in 1995.