Bassist Eric “EQ” Young  grew up admiring the late Louis “Thunder Thumbs” Johnson of the Brothers Johnson and spent several years wood shedding to refine his art. He began his career as a side man for Bay Area acts before coming to the attention of Michael Cooper of Con Funk Shun and becoming bassist for that band. Young went on to release the album “Just 4 U”, which featured the single “Never Stop Loving.” Now, Young returns with a remake of The Brothers Johnson classic “Stomp”, taken from their 1980 album “Light Up The Night.” “Stomp” was  a percolating dance number that shimmered from the production work of Quincy  Jones. It added jazz and classical elements, along with Afro-Latin percussion and sweeping strings to the funk George and Louis Johnson brought to the party. Young proves he’s up to the challenge  of doing the original justice as he puts his brand of stank on “Stomp.” Fans will enjoy this one. Rapper Lil Nas X has expanded his reach beyond music. The MC recently teamed with Wrangler to  unveil an assortment of graphic  t-shirts, jeans and denim shirts. Prices range from $39 for t-shirts to $129 for custom made pants for men and women. Wrangler has described the collection as fresh remixes of classic Wrangler styles for the kind of modern cowboy who can’t be put in  a box. Wrangler jeans owners can take a photo of the back pocket for access to a behind the scenes look at Lil Nas X’s video “Old Town Road.” Fans can shop for the collection at Wrangler’s website.