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Marvin Young, known professionally as Young MC, is an American rapper/singer/actor remembered for his hit single “Bust A Move.” While attending the University of Southern California, Young met Delicious Vinyl heads Michael Ross and Matt Dike. Young rapped for Ross and Dike over the phone, who delivered a recording contract to his USC dorm room. In 1989, Young collaborated with rapper Tone Loc on the singles “Wild Thing” and “Funky Cold  Medina.” Young gained fame with the single “Bust A Move”, which went on to reach No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100, and won a Grammy award for Best Rap Performance. The song was taken from his debut album “Youngest In Charge.” Young has released the albums “Youngest In Charge” (1989), “Brainstorm” (1991), “What’s The Flavor? (1993), “Return Of The 1 Hit Wonder” (1997), “Ain’t Going Out Like That” (2000), “Engage The Enzyme” (2002), “Adrenaline Flow” (007) and “Relentless” (2008).