In anticipation of his forthcoming project, rapper Trap Beckham just released the single “Sundress Season”, a collaboration with singer Amara La Negra. Combining Florida and Caribbean elements, the song celebrates hot weather, beautiful women and stylish fashions. While the song is different from his previous work, nevertheless it’s a part of his arsenal of party music. However, he took a different approach by delivering a new sound to the ladies and adding Le Negra. A month ago, he released the single “Hit It”, featuring rappers Trina and Tokyo Jetz. The song was accompanied by a music video with all the Florida natives showing out on the dance track and DJ Diggem singing the hook. Beckham rose to prominence with his 2016 single “Birthday B****”, which lead to him signing with Def Jam Records. Within weeks, the song went viral with celebrities and influential figures celebrating their birthdays to the track. The song has received over 50 million streams. It was followed by “Lil Booties Matter”, featuring Pretty Ricky, which also became a hit. Beckman’s upcoming project, “071419”, represents Beckham’s birthday.