Eugene, Oregon based funk band, Soul Vibrator, is lighting things up with their self-titled debut album. Apparently, a few years ago, top funk scientists engineered a robot to contain the highest amount of funk per cubic inch in the world. With a desire to spread funk all over the world, the robot created its own funk experiments; forming a band with other funkbots. That band is Soul Vibrator. Their music combines powerful guitar riffs, expansive keyboard harmonies, syncopated cymbals, furious bass plunks and horn stabs cascade over the thick rhythm and siren worthy singing. With music that offers listeners a nostalgic blast from the past, Soul Vibrator has been playing, writing songs and performing live for some time. They’ve expanded their range to incorporate soul, R&B and hip hop into their arsenal, creating some of the most progressive funk music to date. After several personnel changes, the band’s line up has finally stabilized with Zeviel Kamrat (lead guitar, vocals), Samira Lobby (lead vocals/dance moves), Miles Albert (bass), Max Pinder (keyboards/vocals), Charles DeMonnin (trumpet/percussion) and Sam Fox Hayward (drums). One of their most popular songs, “Jabooti”, features lively instrumentation and infectious lyrics. Soul Vibrator’s latest project contains eight tracks, all with  a different vibe and impressive composition. With a sound that will touch all generations, Soul Vibrator delivers a special brand of music, wrapped in a moniker of funk. Rapper/martial artist Jitsu Gaiden is a man who can write a mean punchline and land a mean punch as well. The emerging artist has opened for Riff-Raff, The Ying Yang Twins, Roscoe Dash and 50 Cent and he’s currently promoting the single “She’s A Hustler”, which describes his attraction to women who work hard and do what’s necessary to better themselves. He released the mixtape “Timeless Hydroponic Chamber” earlier this year. He has released several albums and mixtapes, including “Nimbus The Mixtape.” He’s also a martial artist.  He hopes to encourage others to  tap into their creativity  and achieve their goals; the same way he’s been successful combining his two passions. Singer/songwriter Myoa just released the music video for her new single “You.” “You” features finely-calibrated lyrics and raw emotional vocals about leaving toxic relationships that don’t contribute to personal growth and happiness. The accompanying clip shows Myoa seated at the piano, which is only fair since the track features a piercing piano and string arrangement. As the song plays out, different men are seated next to her, showcasing the number of people she’s had to erase from her life. Fans will enjoy this one.